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January 01, 2008



What a surprise! first fime saw you write something about yourself.
for your question,actually I don't know exactly why.May be because you are too strict to yourself,or too care about perfction. Even saw your blog,I can tell that you work hard and you are successful. see yourself as somebody with little value compared to others? to Chinese,it's not a bad thing, because we always encourage 'to be modest'.

China and I

Thanks Clarisse for passing by!

Well it is the Western New Year! So, I felt I needed to talk a little bit about myself to change the topic but I don't think I will do it too often.
You are right China brings a lot of modesty to every individual.


"I think I can only fulfill myself when I am single don't know why."

Ain't nothing wrong with that. Some people are gay, others straight, others somewhere in between, and still others do better on their own. Just another aspect of the beautiful diversity of life.

China and I

Hi Chris,

Happy New Year from the Cote d'Azur! Wish you the best for 2008 for you and your wife! Hope to see when I come back from France and the Middle East, somehow by the end of January 2008!


Not every question in life is meant to be answered. And even though we ideally should know ourselves best, we are sometimes the most blinded and misled one when it comes to commenting about ourselves and also recognizing our needs and fulfilling the void in us. It's a common thing to feel a sense of lack in achievement or fulfillment, especially when all the previous hurdles in life were bridged across easily. To you, these aren't challenges that warrant much effort. To others, these could mean a lifetime of effort and hard work and probably not even attaining 1/3 of what you have. So there isn't any answer that I can give and I doubt anyone can come up with a full set of workable solutions for your situation. Perhaps the answer you seek for is just to change your perspectives and see from other angles. Now I think that is something you might spend quite some time doing in order to achieve.

China and I

Thanks for your comment Marina!

You may be right but I never really liked to keep questions opened. Anyway, we have only one life (or so I believe!) so...better enjoy it!


After reading all these, i cannot explain my feeling... but i felt that you are a person who is positive and optimistic. 'Chaque pièce a deux côte!' En Chine, il y a un ancien proverbe'hao shi bian huai shi, huai shi bian hao shi'.life is short, enjoy everthing we had! i wish you could be happy everyday!



After reading all these, i cannot explain my feeling. but i felt that you are a person who is positive and optimistic. 'Chaque pièce a deux côtes'. En chine, il y a un ancien proverbe'hao shi bian huai shi, huai shi bian hao shi.'
life is short, we could just try our best to work, to love and to do everything we think important.if the something we could not control it, just enjoy what we owned.
i wish you could be happy everyday!

China and I

Thanks for your comment Luoya and sorry for my late reply,

I see on your blog photos that you have been to my hometown Nice.

China Business Success

I want to praise you that you are so honest and open with us. It must have been hard for you, having so many bad things happen to you, like your parents and no luck finding true love. One advantage is that it makes you stronger in the end. I can imagine if you don't feel that way but that's normal. Looking back I dare to say that I'm right ;-)

I'm not sure why you feel like you don't need a companion in life but I don't think that anybody can be happy on their own. Not to upset you or be rude or something, that's just my opinion. I think you haven't met the right person yet but I do believe she is still out there. Just keep your eyes open!

I want to wish you luck with everything you do. I think it's a brave thing you did by moving to China and want to experience new things.


from my point of view, your problem (rather huge) is narcisism. you are so full of yourself, it's unbelievable. Try to take into account other pple around you, it maight help you to realise that you're not that successful, nor that great. let me know how that works for ya!

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