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December 06, 2009




I don't even believe what you wrote....
You are so full of it, I've seen people with serious problems but yours are over the majority of them!
Going for a 2 weeks seminar at INSEAD and pretend being an alumni, if not ridiculous, it is pathetic!
Isn't there any treatment against Mythomania in China?

nice post! nice link in the first comment ;-)


I just read your Post, Its kind of well writting, I agree with your opinion on Ghosn but i will desagree with the second one and also how you turn your argument.

Be resilient, yes it can be nice, but itsnt because someone is resilient, then he is nice, If you check out all the dictator, they also got this quality, but their aim is bad

Im sure you can give better argument about this singapore minister, and I agree, most of us dont know such about Asia personalities.

Your blog sounds interesting, i will read it for sure,

As a fan of Nietzsche, I will also say that, I dont like this sentence, because its always use out of context, the meaning is more deep than that. Its like some sentence that einstein said before and everyone use it without understnding his work.

Im sure you get more personnal sentence to describe your blog !


vietnam sourcing

Nice post! I think will be not good if we say that china is a really Good place to Enjoy!! I really like the post

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